5 on Friday: What’s On My Mind

I’m a day late posting my 5 on Friday, but here are five things that are on my mind this week. Let me warn you a few are heavy topics, but that’s where I find my thoughts and my heart drifting.

1. This little nugget Scout

You’d never know she had life saving stomach surgery almost two weeks ago. Scout is all puppy and displays intervals of 110% of pure energy.

Scout’s sleep schedule includes waking up at 3AM and 5AM and by five she’s ready to get the day rolling.

Mom’s been a little sleep deprived to say the least but we’re adjusting to each other. How long exactly does that take?

Scout the Beagle

2. Planning SPIRIT Fest 2016

I work for a contemporary Christian radio station and this November we’re hosting a dozen bands for central Texas’ largest family festival, SPIRIT Fest.

Artists like MercyMe, for King & Country, Lauren Daigle, and Newsboys will be there. This year the event moves to a new location and will be happening at Circuit of The Americas home of Formula1.

15,000 people will join us for a day of fun, music, and carnival rides.

It’s an exciting move with all things new. The venue is first class and this week we had our first walk through.

3. Kids missing school matters and costs money too

2.4 million days of school are missed by students in central Texas each year. In response to this the Missing School Matters movement is underway and I was able to attend the campaign rally and kick off this week. Austin Mayor Steve Adler and a dozen superintendents were in attendance from central Texas schools.

Students in my area miss more days of school than their peers across the state in every grade. The problem worsens in high school, when Central Texas students are absent far more than in other parts of the state. Over half of absences in Central Texas were potentially preventable.

Not having kids myself, I never realized the impact this has on state funding for schools. Education is probably one of the most important things a child can receive. I’m all in for this!

Missing School Matters Rally


4. This has my blood boiling

I recently became aware that in my hometown of Austin, thousands of rape kits sit on a shelf waiting to be tested. Even if the Austin City Council passes proposed budget amendments, it will take four years to resolve this backlog. More on this story here.

I’m sad to say that my city has it’s funding priorities out of line when we allow the Austin Police Department’s Forensic Lab to close in May without a plan. The lab won’t reopen until February 2017.

Where was the leadership and management of this arm within the city? Someone must have been asleep at the wheel? Where is the accountability?

I’m outraged. This is completely unacceptable.

I can’t imagine the horror of going through this kind of trauma not to mention enduring the hours of testing.

You can bet I’ll be talking with members of the Austin City Council. #Endthebacklog

Read more about the backlog that may exist in your area.

5. Praying for peace

Did you hear about the Syrian government’s chemical chlorine attack against it’s own people this week? See and hear the story here by NPR, but warning it is hard to take.

This is beyond heartbreaking and I have no words. I’m not expressing my political opinion here, just love, concern, and compassion as a human being. I don’t understand the obscene indifference and callousness towards the suffering of your own people.

I find myself pleading with God.

What’s on your heart and mind this week? I’d love to know. Peace be with you my friend.



  1. I didn’t know about the SPIRIT Fest that’s so cool. Austin is a couple hours away from where I live. I’ll have to check this out and that’s unacceptable about the rape kits. My prayers are for Syria it seems like its one thing after another.

  2. What’s on my heart and mind? One of my coworkers suddenly passed away today. I didn’t know him too well, but my heart is so heavy. Prayers for his family would be appreciated <3

    Alaina | http://www.pumpsandpineapples.com

    • Oh Alaina I am so very sorry to hear this. I will lift you, your coworkers, and his family up in prayer. Can’t wait to check out your blog. Love the name!

  3. What’s on my mind? Missing family and brainstorming my next blog post! Thanks for Sharing


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