Unexpected Jungle Trail

2017 started off with a bang! A bang that I didn’t plan. Unanticipated. Quite frankly, if my life were a NASCAR race, a caution would be nice about now, with a yellow flag that means all cars hold up now and a restart follows. But a NASCAR race my life is not. The day after Christmas I was [...]

5 on Friday: Fun Stuff

What a busy week it was, I’m so glad it’s Friday, are you? This week was full of aha moments and even teachable moments from being on crutches. I felt the kindness of others this week in a big way as I hobbled around in week three of being on crutches. My 5 On Friday feature is a post [...]

5 on Friday: A Topsy Turvy Start

This year has already been full of topsy turvy emotions. Sad, mad, and well bad. Bad as in eating anything I want on most days, just as I’m not able to work out and enjoy my regular routine. 2017 started off with a bang when I broke the fifth metatarsal bone in my left foot. Everything [...]

A Word To Live By 2017

I’m no good at new year’s resolutions. I mean I’ve wanted to learn to figure skate since the Nancy Kerrigan days and learning to play the violin tops my list too. So when a friend asked me if I had picked a word for the year it got me thinking. What’s in a word that guides your [...]
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