Friday Favorites

I hope you had a good week!  I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite things that I’m loving this week. I must admit, I have a thing for planners, especially fun + functional ones and the Corie Clark Shop is just the place to  find them. Her Purposeful Planner is just [...]

The Evolution of SXSW

Next week the population of my city will increase by 50,000 people for two weeks. The internationally known music and interactive festival SXSW will draw people to Austin, Texas, from all over the globe. Even President Obama and First Lady Michelle will also be here. And the city becomes [...]

Today. Tomorrow. Gratitude & Goals.

It can be daunting, steep, long, and terrifying. It’s my list of goals. Do you ever feel that way about your goals? One of the best things about blogging is that I get to share my goals with the entire world. More than that, sharing them with you has held me accountable. So thank you. Here’s [...]

Friday Favorites

Fridays come with a lot of things, but they don’t come without pressures of their own. Deadlines. Fridays can bring a crunch time. How many things can I possibly pack things into the week before it closes? Let’s hustle to make it happen especially before month’s end. Do you feel the tug like [...]

Liebster Award Nominee

And the Oscar nominee is…..wait for it, wait for it! What would it feel like to hear your name as one of the nominees for an Academy Award? To walk the red carpet? To be among the who’s who, the most talented nominees? Ahh well this is what it felt like to learn that Blog By Tracy was a [...]

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

I love to chronicle what makes my days so great. I know ten things just barely scratches the surface. Every day there are countless blessings that go unnoticed because of the hustle, the hurry, the pile, and the list. Keeping track of the good things week to week keeps me focused on just that. The [...]

Love Every Girl Should Know

The red carpet was pinned down and the balloons were lifted high in a net that looked like the Good Year Blimp. Every table was covered in black table clothes dotted with red napkins. It was the first Daddy Daughter Dance that my radio station was going to be hosting. The closest thing I had [...]

An Adoption Love Story

He cried and cried for days. The flames of anxiety roared at a fever pitch as though people were trying to escape a burning building. Toby had lost complete self-control. And I thought I had lost my mind, having come to the decision that I wanted to adopt. For months I perused photos of beagles and [...]

A Super Bowl Tradition

Wassup! Remember that Budweiser commercial that was popular during the 2000 Super Bowl? I think I practiced that ridiculous ‘wassup’ for weeks with coworkers. I’m one of the one in 12 who will be suffering through the football game just to see the [...]

31 Days at Sea

Uncertainty, inexperienced, unqualified, and in over my head is exactly what I felt when I announced to the world, on Facebook no less that I was IN on the 31 days writing challenge. I sort of committed without even knowing really and truly what it entailed. I actually don’t think I was ever [...]
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