Day 17: Boss’s Day

I don’t think I realized it was National Boss’s Day until I was surprised by the two ladies that I most love working with. They brighten my day, make me laugh, they keep me on track, and remind me not to take myself and the tasks at hand too seriously, after all, we’re not [...]

Day 16: The Way I Roll

So I’m half way through the Write 31 Days Challenge, today marks half way. With 15 more days to go I find myself weary but set on persevering through to the finish. That’s just the way I roll. But the days are growing longer and I’m feeling stretched thin. Thin to get it all right. Thin to [...]

Day 15: Friends Like These

Tonight I attended a fundraiser in the fight against human sex trafficking. I didn’t know what a gem of a spot this was and how my heart would be touched by a visionary and a mission. When I got there I was immediately taken with the venue. It’s called Arthouse Austin. It’s literally a house [...]

Day 14: The Consequence of Choices

The events of this past week have wreaked havoc on my heart and mind. I’ve found the reports of locker room talk, groping, and sexual advances to be disgraceful. It’s left me wondering how have we found ourselves to be in such a place as a nation? Do I know this goes on? Sure I do. But where [...]

Day 12: The Influencer

She’s been on my mind since the training facilitator asked our group to write down a most influential person in your life. Most people might claim a mom or dad, someone in the family or a mentor. I’d put my influencer right up there next to my Granny who did the most monumental for [...]

Day 11: Beauty of SEA-TAC

I’ve just spent the last seven days in the Seattle area including downtown Seattle, Tacoma, Fremont, Woodinville, and Shoreline. I’m taken with the beauty of this part of the Northwest. More on my trip later, for now enjoy a few photos that I think are just wonderful. What a beautiful [...]

Day 10: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Today was really life changing for me and it’s not every day that I can say that. I’m in the northwest for business leadership meetings and today was day one. It’s not just any leadership meeting though, we’re learning to lead like Jesus from the greatest leader of all time. One of the [...]

Day 9: Trust In An Elevator

The other day I stepped onto the elevator of the Seattle Space Needle that would take me up in the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, 605 feet in the air to be exact. A structure that has 25 lightening rods. As I stepped onto the elevator in a split second I put my complete trust in [...]
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