Day 5: Touched By Generosity For Haiti

As Hurricane Matthew made landfall and pounded Haiti, the phones began to ring in the make shift call center set up for a two day pledge drive hosted by the radio station I work for. Hundreds of listeners responded to the request for donations to support our community supported radio station and our sister ministry called World Concern.

With donations from the pledge drive we will be providing water and supplies to families in Haiti.

Part of my job is getting to plan and organize fundraisers like these and the money we raise helps to cover the operating expenses of the radio station and enables our global humanitarian outreach efforts in developing countries.

The phones rang and a dozen volunteers were geared and ready to answer calls from donors who would make monetary gifts

Even though this was my sixth pledge drive I’m always touched by the stories people share wen they call in to give.

Most people who called in shared impactful life happenings like healing from the recent death of a husband, anticipating the homecoming of their son from prison, fostering a child with special needs, then there was the man whose 2-year old was recently murdered by domestic violence, and so many whose lives have been crushed by cancer.

I was stunned by their generosity.

Stories of how people were encouraged by the radio station, the music, and heartfelt words of inspiration poured in.

I couldn’t believe how many people seemed to be facing hardship; financially, relationally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, yet they continued to give and give.

The overriding current of selflessness and kindness moved me to tears by days end.

Even though my part was small in this big production I know it’s crucial to this community and this world. I’m blessed everyday by getting to work for this media entity and to be a part of such life change.

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