Day 9: Trust In An Elevator

The other day I stepped onto the elevator of the Seattle Space Needle that would take me up in the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, 605 feet in the air to be exact. A structure that has 25 lightening rods.

As I stepped onto the elevator in a split second I put my complete trust in the vertical traveling compartment that would reach the top by traveling 10 miles per hour making the trip in 41 seconds.

I watched as we climbed and my ears popped several times. The elevator was lifting us higher and higher, all of us having put complete confidence in this elevator to get us from one place to another, gleefully and safely all the way. None of us ever gave it a second thought.

As I read a marketing poster hanging in the observation deck, it described the experience of riding the elevator as an uplifting one pointing to just how we got there. These elevator cables have transported more than 51,200,000 visitors to the top.

This caused me to wonder why I don’t trust God this way with my life. I mean I didn’t second guess the mechanics of this elevator. And to think these cables have hauled the weight of 15 people 51,000,000 times? Woah, my mind was boggled for a second.

I didn’t ask the operator 20 questions. And I never attempted to take control during the elevator ride up. I just rode, with full assurance and in complete expectation that I’d reach my destination.

I knew I’d get out on the observation deck eventually and I would take in a spectacular view of everything the brochure promised me. A breathtaking view of the Seattle skyline, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Elliott Bay and surrounding islands. It was going to be something incredible.

This certainty holds true with me and God. It can be something unimaginable. Something I could never fathom.

His Word is clear and His promises are true.

I’m on the elevator ride of a lifetime. I get to ride to the top every single day.  But the choice is mine and it’s also yours. I get to trust God with my life and I get to trust in His plan.

It’s not easy and it is a daily choice, to trust God that is.

With every step I take there’s a choice, a choice to trust Him and not to doubt but to ride expectantly, that He’s taking me to the top and it will be extraordinary!


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