Diagnosis: IDIOT Syndrome

Have you heard about it? Impulsive Digital Isolationist Obsessive Tendency, it’s called IDIOT Syndrome. It surrounds us all.

We’re consumed by our texting, talking, gaming, Instagramming, tweeting, and Facebooking. That absorbed look of combined urgency, importance, and disconnection from the immediate world all around us.

A recent study by Baylor University published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions found that smartphone dependency has characteristics of other addictions. I believe it. I know I’m addicted.

A book is totally different because it only offers the physical pages to dive into. The Internet, is a whole amusement park of distractions that force our brains to go here there and everywhere.

Do you read emails in bed?
Do you text while driving? Yes this is truly IDIOT Syndrome because it’s dangerous.
Do you eat dinner with a phone in hand
Do you check your phone every few minutes in meetings?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. I have IDIOT Syndrome.

They say it might help by declaring the dinner table off limits, schedule a phone-free hour and unplugging from all devices at least one day during the weekend. Ouch.

Take a look around the next time you’re in a restaurant or in a line somewhere.

We’re all on our phones. I recently spotted three people at dinner and they were all three on their Smartphones at the same time. I eat dinner out by myself often so the phone is my go to.

I’m know I eat mindlessly many times, guilty of burying my head in my device.

Smartphones are incredible things don’t get me wrong.

My latest fascinations are a couple of apps including Bloglovin that is formatted much like Facebook but you follow your favorite blogs and get the latest posts in your personal feed.

Then there’s Dub Smash, this app will keep you laughing and your friends too. It’s like a selfie video of you lip-syncing a popular quote, phrase or lyric from a song. Think Taylor Swift song hook or maybe one by Journey, the audio plays but you video yourself mouthing the words. It’s a hilarious waste of time but it’ll make your side hurt I promise.

And oh, there’s Pinterest and Facebook, my perennial favorites along with Shazam and the latest, I’m not sure how it works but I’m learning app, Periscope.

So with that, I think my diagnosis just got a little worse.

Day 16 #Write31days

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