Grandparents Day


We used to celebrate this day together every year. Grandparents Day. My Granny and I would have lunch and I would present her with a small token of my love in the form of a cookie jar, flowers or a homemade treat. Her name was Beverly Ann Jordan the daughter of Kay and Jim Jordan, to me she will always be Granny. She was a very independent, spirited lady who loved to laugh. Some of my fondest memories of Granny included Christmases and weekend visits to her house, and of course cooking for her.

I cherish the holidays I spent at Granny’s house. As she prepared for what was to be our Christmas day feast, on Christmas Eve I would lightly stand on top of her feet in the kitchen as she twirled me around and we danced, ballroom style. We’d do this until we fell into each other’s arms laughing so hard that we had to catch our breath. Later in the evening I’d fall asleep on the couch only to wake up and I’d catch her stuffing my stocking at the dinner table.

A sleepover at Granny’s was always fun. In the mornings she would wake me by opening my door, swinging her arm open wide as she entered and gently singing in sweet operatic style a song she made up the lyrics to, like “wake up my sweet darling Tracy”. Our mornings turned into afternoons with conversations around her breakfast table where we’d ‘read the paper’ together. Actually, Granny would read and I would go through her recipe box. She fostered my love for cooking by giving me my first Betty Crocker Cookbook and she was my number one taste tester.

We were known to always take advantage of a Sammy Show, that was the craft show that came to town. Granny always bought me something there. I was so fond of a hand sewn carousel horse made of sweet floral material. I remember Granny slyly going to purchase it when I wasn’t looking and then surprising me with it when we got to the car.

We were two peas in a pod in the family; the two musketeers. It was us against the world. With Granny I was fine. I was safe. I could be myself, a kid. I was loved. I knew, that I knew, that I knew that she loved me. So much so, that she was there for me, standing right by me when the choices I made were less than anything to be proud of. Those times when you would rather not hear your child’s name called. She was there when no one else was, standing with me.

We were close. I could ask her about anything and we talked about everything. In fact, we had the most crucial of conversations just four months before she passed. After that, I knew that I needed to put a stake in the ground and that conversation lead me to give my life to Jesus. I know now that I will see her again and that she’s saving a place for me in Heaven.

It was Granny’s unconditional love for me that changed me forever. I miss her everyday. Happy Grandparent’s Day Granny!

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