If I Won the Powerball

Something happened on Saturday that I’ve never done before in my life. I played the Powerball. When I took my shabby dollar bills up to the counter with my list of hand picked numbers, each thoughtfully chosen and representing something special. The kind man behind the counter asked if I had ever done this before.

Me: Ummm, no sir.

I’m sure I looked like a sheepish puppy waiting for direction. He walked me over to the little lotto desk and taught me how to pick my numbers.

With the jackpot at an all time high I played again.

Yes the $2 ticket is worth all of this day dreaming I’ve been doing about what I’d do if I won $1.5 billion.

First, I’d get an attorney and a wealth adviser. I’d want to move forward anonymously but I’d want someone much smarter than me to help me with my plan.

Since I’m dreaming, here’s what would go down.

First chips and queso with a margarita at Maudies (my local Tex-Mex favorite) just to soak it all in.

Skylar and I will charter a private plane and head to the beach! I want puppy to experience the smells of the sea. I’m thinking the white-sand beach kind, at Cap Juluca, an Anguilla resort in the British West Indies. The plane of course will be catered with hand baked doggie treats and a box of Chex for the pup.

We’d buy a permanent home in Edgartown, MA, my favorite place on earth, Martha’s Vineyard. It’d have a coastal view with a pool and a barn. Not a barn for animals but a barn for a commercial kitchen and an entertaining space. Enter Chip & Joanna Gains!

I’d keep my home in Austin. As an East coast resident my 3rd home would be in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It’s the closest thing to the Caribbean!

Orange Theory would make its northeast debut with my franchise located on the Island. I may just have to make my favorite Austin coach an offer he can’t refuse to relocate.

My 2nd business would be a dog friendly combo sandwich + sweets shop that turns into a nosh & wine bar in the early afternoon with early closing hours. Of course I’d be the head backer and chief wine taster J but I’d need a real wine sommelier on board. The bistro will be the kind where we make a certain number of quiche, scones, and cookies and when we’re out, we’re out. We’ll close after lunch to reboot for afternoon wine time.

I’d hire a writing coach to work with me one on one, you know, to help me become a stronger writer, you may be agreeing with me as you read this. An editor of sorts, but to also gently coach me J.

Right away I’d finish my undergraduate degree and head to an Ivey League school to get my law degree.

I’d open a firm with big-hearted experts, the best of the best. All we’d do is take on wrongful conviction cases with capital punishment sentences, pro bono of course. We’d fight like hell until the bitter end for justice, working for those who can’t and for those who have no voice. It makes me excited just writing about it!

On the docket would be at least three mission trips a year to Neply, Haiti, Tanzania, Africa and Thessaloniki, Greece.

In Neply we’d add on to the orphanage and love on the kids with MyLifeSpeaks!

In Africa we’d build water wells, wells, and more wells with Charity Water to provide safe drinking water for people of Africa.

In Greece we’d contribute big time to A21 who is rescuing women from sex trafficking and prosecuting pimps.

On the home front we’d build an assessment home for rescued women of sex trafficking here in Austin supporting Redeemed Ministries Austin.

We’d fund the Anti-Defamation League’s No Place for Hate anti-bullying programs across the US, making sure every school had it at every grade level, teaching acceptance.

Every ‘bad to the bone’ lobbyists would be recruited to join my DC office set up to lobby against animal testing whose sole purpose is to eradicate it. We’ll set free any beagles currently being held and tested on through the Beagle Freedom Project.

We’d head to Oxford, Mississippi to meet with Rebels Head Coach Hugh Freeze and congratulate him on a Sugar Bowl win! I’d get 50-yard line season tickets to cheer on Ole Miss!

Heading back east we’d get season tickets to all the Red Sox games. Tickets for the games we couldn’t make would go to inner city kids who play ball. While we’re at it lets go build and make improvements to some baseball fields in the Boston area and possibly start a junior Sox league where kids can be mentored by some of the well behaved players.

Then there’s the big “C”. Cancer. We’d give largely to clinical cancer research, for The Moon Shots Program and curative cancer treatment. I’d like a seat at the table to understand where the low hanging fruit is. If it’s money you need, I’m your girl. There has got to be a cure in sight I just know it.

Lastly, I’d like a $100 allowance every day to pay it forward. It may be at Starbucks, at lunch or to send someone a bouquet of flowers, just cause.

Finally I think I’d like an old truck as a 2nd car. Then I’d pay off my sports car in full every year. It’s the mini Dave Ramsey in me.

So that Powerball ticket, I think I’ll go buy one now.

What would you do with the winnings?

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