Let It Rain

Central Texas has been in a drought for years. So the pitter-patter of the wet stuff from the sky is welcome here. I love the rain, like a real steady rainfall.

The drum beat of the raindrops cast a spell over me, totally putting me into a relaxed state. And I realize that rain is a complete gift.

Rain replenishes the earth and cleans the air, but it causes me to stop, to slow down, and to take it all in. In some ways it causes me to see things that I take for granted; like the ease of driving and getting in and out of places without getting drenched.

On rainy days I love reading and snuggling up with my beagle. I love taking out some sweet stationary and writing old school letters.

I’m not one to watch TV or movies very much, so on rainy days it’s like a free pass to the movies, at least the best that cable has to offer. Today I read. And I read. And I read. It was so good just to soak it all in at my own pace. My reading well had run dry. I dusted off the Kitchen Aid mixer and made a loaf of pumpkin bread. Perfect for this rainy fall day.

What makes your rainy day? Leave me a note in the comment section below. I’d love to know what you cherish on your rainy days.

Day 24 #Write31days

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