When You Lose The Love Of Your Life

It hits me like a tidal wave. One moment I’m so mad it’s like I’ve lost my boogie board riding the wave of the century and in the next tears are streaming down my face like a dripping faucet. The grief you experience when you lose the love of your life is overwhelming. It’s [...]

Talking To Butterflies

In an instant your world can change. Three words and suddenly it all goes dark. She. Has. Cancer. Those words flew through my mind piercing my heart instantly like darts hitting a board. My baby girl Skylar, she’s an 11 year older beagle had been struggling with an awful cough that had worsened. [...]

An Adoption Love Story

He cried and cried for days. The flames of anxiety roared at a fever pitch as though people were trying to escape a burning building. Toby had lost complete self-control. And I thought I had lost my mind, having come to the decision that I wanted to adopt. For months I perused photos of beagles and [...]

Saving Neville

In Austin right now there is a dog named Neville, whose life hangs in the balance. An animal shelter, Austin Pets Alive!, is hoping to stop the planned euthanizing of the lab mix. Recently, a family visited this shelter with their 2-year old son. The shelter advised the parents not to set their [...]
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