Today I’m Thankful

It may sound cliché to you, but everyday in November I’m taking note of what I’m grateful for. I’m challenging those I know to do it too, and that means you!

To intentionally live in gratitude makes me happy.

There’s no happier person than a truly thankful, content person. —Joyce Meyer
Here’s my list for November. I hope you’ll share with me what you’re thankful for.

Nov 1: Rain
God’s provision to feed our earth, to feed people.

Nov 2: Safety
My puppy just incurred two Rottweiler’s much larger than she is. They tangled for a moment and I pulled her away. I thought she was unscathed. Later I noticed a big hole in her neck as her white fur turned crimson as she bled. Oh how that could have turned out differently.

Nov 3: My health
Our health is everything and yes I do take it for granted. My bad day is
nothing compared to those who are receiving chemotherapy treatment, are on dialysis or have a degenerative eye sight condition.

Nov 4: This House
I have a roof over my head, safe and protected from the elements. Compared to many, I have a 3 minute commute on most days.

Nov 5: Laughing Till It Hurts
So at least once a week I enjoy this simple pleasure. I’m grateful I get to do it at work too! What a joy it is to just let out a total gut buster and I mean really laughing so hard it makes your eyes leak or you feel like you just got a good ab workout!

Nov 6: Freedom
I can read what I want, come and go as I please, and speak with great freedom. Not to mention that I’ve been given such freedom from the ties that bind me and for this I am grateful.

Nov 7: Clean Water
Today I enjoyed a hot bath in clean water after a 2 days of strenuous workouts. I take water for granted. Drinking, cleaning, bathing. You name it. The fact that I can freely enjoy a 10 minute shower on demand to soothe the strains of the day, a therapeutic moment, is such a gift.

Nov 8: Physically Activity
I am freely able to stand up riding a bike, row to my maximum heart rate, choreograph complicated dance moves and lift my body weight is something so many can’t do. I can. I can walk, run, and push myself to the heart thumping threshold. I thrive on the outcome. On the challenge, on the hill to climb, the deep water to row, the distance to run, and the class to choreograph and cue. I’ve enjoyed 18 years of physical activity being a major part of my life. Through surgery and recurring injury, for this I am so grateful.

Nov 9: Books
Cracked spines, dog eared pages, and highlighted passages make books so special to me. I love antique books passed down over the ages. There’s something about holding a book and being one on one with those tattered pages. Beautiful photographic images take hold of you. Black inked characters leap off the pages as you hold the weight of the book’s subject matter in your hands. Nothing can replace a good ole book.

Nov 10: My Baby Snoring
I love turning the volume down on the TV and stopping what I’m doing so that it’s completely quiet and I can hear Skylar breathing and snoring. That’s the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. I love to listen intentionally taking it all in as she inhales and exhales. I marvel at the fact that I’m responsible for another life. A beagle’s life that is, but someone, something other than myself who is dependent on me. I’ve been given a tremendous gift. A precious dog to treasure, to nurture, to love unconditionally, to help grow, to protect, to give my best. I am so grateful.

Nov 11: Warm Sunny Days
Especially on days when you’re setting up at a baseball park, two huge stages equipped for 14 national artists and their bands and setting the field with seats to host 15,000+ festival goers. Boy did it turn out to be a beautiful day today without rain! In three days fans will converge on the ballpark to take in a family festival, 20+ vendors, a kids area and more. Warm sunny days make for a great set up.

Nov 12: My Health
Boy, I take it for granted everyday. I’m on the verge of getting a bad cold and living able to freely breath and without a sore throat, sneezey, cloudy head and clear eyes is such a blessing.

Nov 13: National Security
The terror attacks on France today have wreaked havoc on the hearts of all of us. It could very well have happened here in the US. We are not immune.

Nov 14: Genuine People

Nov 15: Answered Prayers
The forecast called for rain both days. Saturday was load in day and Sunday was SPIRIT Fest with 16 bands & 15,000 people in the outdoor venue. We prayed  hard for no rain. Monday the skies opened. Thank you God!

Nov 16: Breathing
There’s people who can’t do it on their own. Breathe flows in and out of my lungs with ease. Even with a cold, when it’s hard, I appreciate this great gift.

Nov 17: Long Puppy Stares
I love Skylar’s long glances. I’ll catch her starring at me for long periods of time. I love starring back into those big dark brown eyes of hers. The experts say that she’s hugging me with her eyes. With that, I soak it in!

Nov 18: The American Flag
I’m just in awe every time I see one flying. They’re just beautiful. There’s one I see almost every day, it’s huge, tattered but bright and amazing. I love to stare at it flapping in the wind.

Nov 19: Colorful Leaves
I’m so thankful for the process that happens every November that causes the tree leaves to change colors. On my drive home I catch a glimpse of the trees lining Lake Austin. Today they were dark green, lime green, mustard, and maroon. Who knows what they’ll look like tomorrow!

Nov 20: Exercise
I don’t know what I’d do without it. I’m thankful everyday that my body is able to move, run, and dance. It’s a huge part of my life and being athletic is great!

Nov 21: Medical Insurance
What a blessing it is to have coverage and be able to make a co-pay. Wow. I can’t imagine not having it.

Nov 22: Church
To have a place to gather, build community, and worship and pray. I’m so thankful for Pastor Will Davis, his teaching gift, and what he’s taught me.

Nov 23: My Voice
I’m going on day 10 of laryngitis and quiet possibly the worst cold I’ve had in ages. Boy am I thankful to be able to talk, sing and that noise can come out of my mouth

Nov 24: Grace
I have been given so much and boy do I need it a daily dose. I’m grateful for the grace I’ve been given and for the moments when I’m given the strength to give it.

Nov 25:Best Friends
My bestest is the bestest. Unconditional love is the best. I’m accepted at my worst and my best. I’m so thankful for my bestest.

Nov 26: Turkey
Enough said. Well, pie too.

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