Write 31 Days 2016

Write 31 Days

Welcome to my Write 31 Days page! During the month of October I’ll post each day as part of the writing challenge called Write 31 Days.

I’m excited to join hundreds of bloggers from all backgrounds writing on all kinds of interesting topics including ideas about how to start a blog for beginners. We all link up on the Write 31 Days page which is exciting. It’s a great way to meet other bloggers and to be inspired.

Check out my Day 1 post to find out more about my series theme. Below each day I’ll update my posts here so day by day you can choose which one you’d like to read.

I could totally use your feedback and comments too! Please know it means so much for you to be here reading my posts. Thank you!

Let’s keep in touch, here’s to the next 31 days! Happy October! #Write31days #31dayers

Write 31 Days Posts

Oct 1st Welcome to My Mashup…

Oct 2nd A Personal Moment of Confession…

Oct 3rd In A Letter From Jail…

Oct 4th Why I Love National Night Out…

Oct 5th Touched By Generosity For Haiti…

Oct 6th Judgment Day At The Airport…

Oct 7th Smiling in Seattle…

Oct 8th Where I Am Today…

Oct 9th Trust In An Elevator…

Oct 10th What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Oct 11th Beauty of SEA-TAC…

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Oct 13th

Oct 14th

Oct 15th

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