Wrong Body Type

Growing up a dancer, as a student of ballet, tap, and jazz, dancing is in my blood.

So when it came to working out in my 20s I gravitated to Jazzercise. I loved it and I got the tshirt(s)!

When I heard that there would be instructor auditions I thought, why not give it a try. I mean I’m there every time the door opens so why not teach it.

The first step in the application process included a full body photo in work out attire. There were specific poses that you were to include. Let’s just say I didn’t look like a fitness guru, and maybe well, maybe I had something called a bicep but it sure didn’t show.

I remember receiving the rejection letter and my heart sank. Blah, blah, blah, the bottom line is, YOU DON’T FIT our body type.

What? You mean I don’t look right for you? If that’s the case then I’m going to look right for me.

This stung, and it stung deep. But only for the moment.

My passion in Jazzercise faded quickly so I started taking classes at a neighborhood gym. My desire to teach fitness classes waned in the wake of disappointment until weeks later when the gym owner announced that an instructor training would be taking place.

I wasn’t about to let their rejection daunt me so I shifted into full out determination mode. Soon after my love for fitness and exercise began as I became a certified instructor.

Their rejection energized me. It challenged me to reach new heights and to accomplish my ambition, not for professional gain, but for physical gain.

Fitness became a way of life and something I care about deeply. Being an athlete has changed my life and continues to be a major part of my life. I’ve taught 4-6 classes a week for the last 19 years. I feel my best right after a workout thanks to endorphins not to mention the physical payoff.

With each rejection we can choose to allow it to keep us down or we can choose to let it motivate us.

Day 18 #Write31days

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